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Tryout Information

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Our next tryout will be April 21th for Fall 2012-13. Get the latest info on our tryout at

The tryout consists of stunting, tumbling, cheers and our Fight Song. Individuals will be judged on each of these categories. Their overall score based upon an average from our panel of judges will decide whether the individual makes the team.


April 21th, 2012 @ 9:00am


CSUN, Redwood Hall (room TBA)

How Much:

Every member trying out will be required to pay a $25 tryout fee.


These tryouts are for females. Males have a different tryout process. You must be currently enrolled in CSUN or accepted into the university by your tryout month.

Tryout Paperwork and the Tryout Registration form, must be filled out prior to your tryout and turned in to coach at open practices or to:

Erin G. Kiser
Asst. A.D., Marketing & Promotions
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8276

When will I know if I made it?

A few hours after the tryout we will be calling those who made the team. April 29th, you will be required to meet us at the CSUN Athletics Confrence room for our first team Meeting and BarbQ. Your parents are strongly encouraged to come with you. More information on this meeting will be given to you when you make the team.

If you do not make the team please email the coach to find out what you can improve upon to make the team the following tryout.

  • Red/Black/White Gear
  • Water
  • $25 Tryout fee

Video Tryouts

coedextensionVideo tryouts must be in by April 18th (12:00am) to be considered.  Make sure you include all of the tryout material, keep the camera rolling and give us two of each of the tumbling and stunting skills. Videos should only be used if you are out of state or cannot make the tryout date because of a previous engagement. Video tryouts are much more difficult to produce than an standard tryout so get started ASAP, they take lots of time (or should take lots of time).

Contact us if you are going to be turning in a video so we can notify you of any changes to our video tryout requirements.

Male Tryout

If you are a male and would like to become a Stunter contact us ASAP so we can get you working with one of our Cheerleaders. Our tryout materials are female focused and while you will be required to learn the basics of crowd leading your main purpose will be stunting. If you are interested in trying out contact us and we will arrange an open practice for you. Review our Stunter Info and our Stunter tryouts for a more detailed explanation.

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